Treating Your Investment Like It’s Ours

Brightline Property Management performs routine property inspections to ensure proper sustainability of your asset and recommends the following five property inspections that should be conducted on your property:

  • Move-In Inspection: This inspection should be done prior to the move in of the new tenant. By doing this we can document any issues with the property and ensure the tenant is aware prior to move in. This alleviates any deductions to the tenant’s security deposit at the end of their term if issues are made aware ahead of time.
  • Move-Out Inspection: This inspection is done upon the tenant vacating the property and determines the condition of the property when the tenant leaves. Doing this inspection prior to your tenants moving out could result in damage during the move-out process. Doing this inspection too late, the tenants can claim the damage was not caused by them. Doing this inspection quickly protects both the owner and the tenant.
  • Routine Inspection: This inspection is done on a semi-annual basis to ensure your investment is still in top condition. This allows Brightline Property Management to stay on top of any maintenance issues that arise and gives tenants the opportunity to correct any damage they have caused before it gets worse.
  • Drive-By Inspection: This inspection is simply observing the condition of the outside of the property. Thisinspection  ensures that no hazardous items are left outside and that any deed restrictions are being properly followed.
  • Maintenance Inspection: This inspection is done anytime we send out a maintenance technician to the property. They will do a quick inspection of the home while fixing any issues that arise. We work to keep your asset in great condition while simultaneously keeping tenants satisfied. Our goal is to protect the integrity of your investment. We treat your investment like it’s ours!