Quality Tenants Make Quality Assets

Brightline Property Management provides a streamlined proper vetting of all applicants to ensure quality tenant occupancy, designed to protect your bottom line.

Criminal History: Any applicants who have been convicted of the following crimes, regardless of when they happened, will automatically be disqualified: Felony offenses, drugs or drug related charges, sex offenses, prostitution, violent crimes, robbery/burglary, serious misdemeanors, stalking or harassment.

Rental History: All applicants must have a minimum of two years good rental history, immediately prior, in order to qualify. Renting from a relative or staying with a friend will not be considered for rental history. A mortgage may be considered for rental history, provided the account is closed and in good standing.

Income & Employment: The minimum net income requirement for a single person living in the home is 3 times the rental amount. Each additional tenant/occupant/child requires another .5x the rental amount. Acceptable proofs of income include pay stubs and tax returns. Applicants who are self-employed will need to provide their most recent 2 year’s tax returns. Applicants with less than 12 months employment at their current job will not be approved. Persons transferring to a new town to work with the same company will be permitted, provided they have been with the same employer for a minimum of 12 months.

Credit History: Landlord will obtain a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) report, commonly referred to as a credit report, in order to verify your credit history. The following is a list of some categories which are evaluated: Ratio of good accounts to bad accounts, debts to previous landlords, eviction filings, and/or charged off accounts. Foreclosure is NOT a mandatory disqualification but could affect your application decision.

We pride ourselves on quality tenants, evidenced by our low eviction rates and high retention rates. To learn more about our tenant screening process, contact us today!