Painting To Sustain Your Investment

Brightline Property Management performs many routine property maintenance tasks to ensure your investment sustains its value over time. From time to time owners must decide when the time is right to invest in such necessary maintenance and painting is both a practical need and aesthetic boost for any rental property. Over the course of time and multiple tenants, things such as: dings, nicks, dents, and holes occur in the walls. With a fresh new coat of paint it’s easy to repair them, almost as though they were never there. Fresh new paint is an affordable task landlords can do that really freshens up your asset and provides a property with a huge aesthetic boost. The smell of fresh paint and the look of bright new freshly painted walls is extremely attractive to potential occupants.

When deciding when to paint consider the following:

  1. Evaluate the rental property. Once a tenant moves out we can go in and properly assess any damage to walls and evaluate whether painting is necessary.
  2. Clean the walls. Sometimes walls look like they need paint but other times a little soap and water can refresh everything very quickly. A simple clean can go a long way.
  3. Considering painting only high traffic rooms. If the living room and kitchen areas have lots of dings and dents but the bedrooms appear fine, only paint the rooms that need it.
  4. Use as a renewal incentive. To retain a current long-term tenant, perhaps offer to paint as a renewal incentive. This would keep the tenant happy, your investment updated, and still have cash flow.

We work to keep your asset in great condition while simultaneously keeping tenants satisfied. Our goal is to protect the
integrity of your investment. We treat your investment like it’s ours!