Fall Maintenance Checklist

As fall slowly creeps in and summer has officially come to an end its time to start thinking about any essential maintenance items:

  1. Check Your Roof – Check for any loose shingles and safely secure or replace. This will help mitigate any water leaking.
  2. Prep For Critters – When temperatures drop colder critters can find their way through small gaps in walls and roof areas to seek shelter.
  3. Check Your HVAC – There is nothing worse than a furnace or other elements breaking on a cold night which can also become very costly. Make sure to do inspections to prevent any inconvenient emergencies.
  4. Clean Your Gutters – If there is any built up debris during a hard freeze can cause leaking into small cracks in the roof, causing water damage under roofs and in between walls.
  5. Prepare For Freezing Now – Insulate any water pipes and remember to disconnect any hoses to store for the winter.
  6. Create A Fire Safety Plan – According to FEMA, more home fires occur in the winter than other time of the year. Make sure to keep you and your family safe by reviewing your fire safety plan.